Our Journey

March 2006 – Our first official date after months of making out in dark bars

January 2011 – We get engaged on NYE at the stroke of midnight under fireworks

April 2012 – We get married!!!

May 2013 – Follow-up appointment with Dr J after months of pain, weight gain, irregular periods, and discuss TTC

October 2013 – Acupuncture, gluten free, caffeine free, dairy free started

November 2013 – Laparoscopic surgery in hopes of increased fertility – Stage IV endometriosis; extensive clean-up work is done and both tubes appear clear

February 2014 – TTC post-surgery for another 3 months naturally, regroup with Dr J and fertility drugs started

March 2014 – First Clomid cycle: few side effects, 3 follicles, BFN

April 2014 – Second Clomid cycle: LOTS of side effects, no mature follicles, cyst, BFN

May 2014 – Referred to Dr. M and started regular Mayan abdominal massage and daily natural herbal remedies

June 2014 – Second full fertility workup: blood work, AFC, ultrasounds, HSG, endometrial biopsy, even more bloodwork and ultrasounds

July 2014 – Regroup with Dr M to discuss bilateral hydrosalpinx, low AMH, low progesterone, luteal phase defect, vitamin D deficiency, high testosterone. Decide on timeline for IVF and surgery in fall.

August 2014 – Estrogen Priming Cycle

September 2014 – IVF Round 1 with Menopur, Gonal-F, and Clomid protocol. Slow responder but ended with 14 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, 9 fertilized with ICSI, and 9 blasts frozen.

October 2014 – Depot Lupron suppression

November 2014 – Depot Lupron suppression and bilateral salpingectomy

December 2014 – BCP and Estrogen replacement therapy

January 2015 – Transferred two 5 day embryos (5AA and 3AA) on January 8th!




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