There is nothing that will kill your patience faster than the two week wait. Or in my case the 9 day wait. (Oh and before you say – well at least it’s less than the full two weeks – don’t forget we had to struggle through SIX days waiting to hear how our embryos developed…) We still have 3 days until our beta and I am going NUTS. One second I think I am pregnant and the next I am breaking down swearing that it didn’t work. Boy oh boy is this hard.

I know what you’re thinking, why doesn’t she just POAS? Well before our transfer DH and I agreed that we wouldn’t and we would wait for the beta. His thought – if it’s negative I will breakdown (which is a fair assumption) and he doesn’t want the added stress of said breakdown to cause more harm than good on the chance that’s just too early to tell. My thought – I really just want to know what I am walking in to.

Our beta falls on a Saturday so that means some nurse we have never worked or spoken with will be telling us our fate. One downside to going to such a big clinic is that our dr actually isn’t the one who tells us. Apparently you only hear from them when it’s negative and they’re checking in so this time, I don’t want to even hear Dr M’s voice until I am graduating from that place!

So now I struggle through the next 3 days like I have since last Thursday. I keep telling myself to stay calm and to keep positive because right now all we know is that we had a 75% shot and that’s pretty damn good.  Wish me luck!


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