Wait, You’re Drinking?

There’s nothing worse than when people think you’re pregnant. And unfortunately that’s exactly what all of my friends who didn’t know we were going through IVF thought. (One perk of a freeze all cycle…) I went to brunch the first time since completing my cycle and indulged in a delicious (and very much missed) mimosa and watched as every single girl at the table watch me take that first sip.

“Wait, you’re drinking? We all totally made bets you were pregnant, you haven’t drank in months!”

“Nope, not pregnant.” (takes sip)

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty damn sure, I am on my period and I am about to get drunk.” (downs remaining cocktail)

Every single time I say “No I am not pregnant” it feels like a hard kick in the stomach. Having to reassure people of lack of said non-existent pregnancy so I can drink in peace? Well that pretty much knocks me out cold.


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