That’s A Whole Lotta Needles

You know that medication “estimate” they give you during your initial discussions with the doctor and later the business office? Yeah, we aren’t even close. No more than $6,000? Apparently not for us as we’re settling in just under $7k and that’s not even counting my Lupron and antibiotic post-retrieval or if I have to stim for more than 10 days (which I likely will)…

That box that I fought so hard to bring home yesterday included:

4 Gonal-F 900 IU Pens
1 Gonal-F 300 IU Pen
20 Menopur IU Vials
7 Cetrotide kits
20 Estrace tablets
and 25 Dexamethasone tablets

As my DH said while he thumbed through the boxes… “That’s a whole lotta needles.”

photo 1



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