Incorrect Address

After two massive breakdowns and two very nice FedEx representatives who worked with me after hours, I finally have my meds in hand. I never knew waiting for one box would cause so much stress.

I stayed home from work to wait for my package from Freedom as I was told my medications needed to be refrigerated and I was concerned that even with ice packs, they would quickly roast in the 90 degree heat. Every 30 minutes or so I would refresh my tracking page to see the status of my delivery. Around 3pm the page suddenly read “Delivery Exception, Re-Route for Incorrect Address” and I instantly started to panic. Incorrect address? I had the lady confirm it THREE TIMES when she was processing my order!!! I immediately called FedEx and they assured me, after checking multiple times, that they fixed their mistake and my package was still guaranteed to be delivered today by 8pm.

I am now checking the FedEx page every 15 minutes and I can’t be stopped – it was clear that I wasn’t going to settle down until I heard that knock on my door. I just didn’t feel right and was petrified that my numerous medications would not stay chilled. Well my gut wasn’t wrong, at 6:30pm the tracking page now read “At local facility” and my heart just dropped. Tears started swelling in my eyes and I knew… there’s no way this package was coming today. Once again, I picked up the phone and called FedEx explaining through tears that I needed my package as soon as possible. He apologized and explained the facility was now closed, the trucks are all in for the night and I should expect delivery tomorrow before 6pm.

This is when I just lose it and all out hysteria ensues. Through my sobs I explain it is $6k worth of medications – the majority of which must be refrigerated immediately. There was no way they would survive overnight, let alone another day on the truck. “I NEED MY HORMONES, THIS WILL RUIN MY ENTIRE IVF CYCLE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND?!!!!” The poor customer service representative, I mean, I was a MESS. He put me on hold for what felt like hours and I thought to myself, this kid is never coming back. Suddenly he does… “Ms. _______ – Listen, I feel really bad about what happened and I explained it to the facility manager. He agreed to stay late if you can come pick it up as soon as possible. Can you go over there right now? I have his phone number for you to call once you’re outside.” I have never moved so fast in my life. And I have never said thank you so many times in one breath. I tried to hug the manager as I was picking up my package and he said to me, “I just try to do things right.” You did it right, Jamar, you did it right. And for that I will be forever thankful.

Tonight was an ordeal that I really didn’t need but thanks to two gentleman who moved mountains for a random stranger, I am reminded (yet again) of the good that can come out of this process.

PS Freedom Fertility – it’s ADAMS not AdamEs. You might want to invest in spell check friends.




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