I mentioned this before but it’s an odd feeling hearing great news from your RE. As we wrap up our testing and I finish the parade of doctors, nurses and techs poking my entire reproductive system we continue to hear new reasons as to why we aren’t conceiving. Today we got a breath of fresh air and had good news for the first time in months, DH’s numbers couldn’t look better. Figures… He just walks down to the basement of our RE office, has the choice between print or film, jacks off in a cup and gets a call 8 hours later reminding him he’s still super-man.

After taking the fertility cocktail and cutting back on his beloved coffee and beer, his went from awesome to “tremendous” and he officially got a 4/4. (Antibody negative. Excellent counts. Good morphology. Very high 3 hour washed sperm count. Motility good.) She practically high-fived him over the phone. This is after a 4 day golf guys trip binge might I add. Even with every toxin in his body he still hits it out of the park.

I don’t have just one issue, I have good selection of the worst ones. I not only feel like a failure of a woman but also as a wife. I sit and think about his massive family and how if he would have married pretty much anyone else he would have no issue fielding an entire hockey team. That boy… his swimmers were made to breed.

Yet again proving, without a doubt, I am the reason we are childless.



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