Moving On

Dr J broke up with me after my last failed cycle. “I just think you’re too advanced and we’re not being aggressive enough, I know someone great just down the street who specializes in this. I want this to happen for you but I just don’t think I am the best to battle it.” I was heartbroken and scared, Dr J had been my savior and knew every little thing about my case and I didn’t want to start over. I felt rejected and helpless. I know he was doing me a favor and I still love him for that, I just have a little post-breakup bitterness.

Enter Dr M aka the big guns. She couldn’t have come more highly recommended – Dr J obviously thought the world of her, my acupuncturist noted she was “the best” and my herbalist said “oh she’ll get this done for you, don’t you worry.” I did my research and turns out she’s not only one of the best in Colorado but also in the entire nation with her clinic having some of the best rates countrywide. But with success comes delay and when I called this week I was scheduled for AUGUST. I mean, seriously? It’s May, figure it out.

Finally enter JG (my amazing acupuncturist) and her tender heart – one email and we’re scheduled for next Friday the 23rd.

There is always a little light in times of darkness, sometimes it just shines in a much different way. I may have lost my favorite doctor but I was reminded how amazing my support system is and how many people are willing to help.



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