Young and Infertile

“No one says their vows — ‘through sickness and health’ — and thinks that right after you say them you’ll test that.”

There is nothing I HATE more than hearing “you’re so young.” I am infertile because my body failed me when it should be performing at it’s peak. I am at “that age” and I am one of the only people I know who isn’t pregnant or has a newborn. That’s tough to swallow daily when my life is filled with pregnancy announcements and baby pictures. Bitterness is unfortunately a strong feeling these days.

Infertility is never an easy battle but I have always felt people don’t discuss what it’s like to be young and infertile. HuffingtonPost touched on this, check out the article below. As it mentions, I am not saying my battle is worse it’s just that sometimes it stings a bit harder and in a different way.

Isolation was a real problem for Tullo, who said she lost touch with many of her friends who just couldn’t connect to her experience.  ‘Infertility at any age is difficult, but I do hold a special weakness in my heart for people in their 20s,’ Tullo said. ‘That’s true infertility, when your body fails you at an age when you should be able to get pregnant.'”


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