Like Mother, Like Daughter


My mom had a hysterectomy before the age of 35.  Her doctors discovered a mass  the size of a grapefruit and she had surgery just weeks later.  I grew up knowing my mother had gynecological issues but she rarely spoke of the details. My mother is a private person and I assume she thought I would battle this disease in silence just like she had.

I have dealt with pain, heavy periods, mood swings,  and hormonal problems my entire life and she never said a word. The closest conversation we ever was when she told me “just take a pill and try to sleep it off, that always helped me when it would get bad.”  Deep down we both knew I had inherited the beast that took her femininity so young but had thankfully skipped my two older sisters.  She didn’t want this to be her legacy with me.

When I went in for my surgery she finally said, “that’s why I had my hysterectomy when I was just a few years older than you are, endometriosis had taken over my insides and I couldn’t take it any more. I really hope yours isn’t as bad as mine was,  I didn’t really have a choice.” I hope not either, Mom. You had 3 kids by your 30th birthday, I still need my uterus.

My mother may have passed on this disease to me, but I do not not see this as her legacy. Her body failed her just like mine is failing me. It’s science, it’s not us. I simply hope this doesn’t become my legacy either.


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