My how things have changed

My husband often jokes about the little things that remind us we have become “adults” before 30. (He may be struggling with this a little…) Nothing wrong with it, we honestly just never thought it would all play out like this. It’s pretty clear in some ways – we had to make life decisions quickly and have spent thousands of dollars on surgeries, infertility testing and treatments instead of trips or buying our first home together. And every now and then a random reminder will pop up and we both look at each other and say “wow have things changed” with a little chuckle.

Last night I was frantic when I realized I was out of sample cups for my opk testing strips and was moments away from sending DH to the 24 hours Walgreens for mini cups. Then I remembered 2012 – big 4th of July party and Jell-O shots… we should still have the little plastic cups we used make the shots. So here I am ripping apart the house looking for plastic shot glasses that I can pee in. I have traded drunken summer nights in our backyard with friends for doctors appointments, peeing in mini-cups, fertility drugs, and getting my vagina prodded on a weekly basis.

And sadly, most days a really bad hangover sounds a heck of a lot better than dealing with this shit….



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